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Brittany Brewer

1L Staff Writer
Brittany Brewer, 1L Staff Writer


Blurred Lines MTV

"Blurred Lines" Sampling Clear by Verdict

Listening to your favorite song(s) on the radio you may instantly notice a song from decades ago that your parents or grandparents use to...
By Brittany Brewer | March 27, 2015
VDay Events

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Calendar

Here is a list of what San Diego has to offer for all you love birds on Valentine's Day.
By Brittany Brewer | February 20, 2015
Bill Cosby

Public Opinion Clouds Bill Cosby's Legacy

It is an innate thought to associate educational, uplifting and groundbreaking television sitcoms such as “Fat Albert,” “A Different World...
By Brittany Brewer | February 20, 2015
Concussion Crisis

Concussion Crisis

Football should mainly be an enjoyable sport for players and spectators alike. Sometimes the familiar enjoyment turns into dangerous...
By Brittany Brewer | January 5, 2015
Kesha, Dr. Luke, Lawsuit, sexual assault

Lawsuit Battle: Kesha v. Dr. Luka

"Tick-tock”, singer Kesha has decided to file a lawsuit against her producer Lasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), who has produced several chart-...
By Brittany Brewer | November 10, 2014
NFL Sports Ray Rice

Drama in Sports: The NFL and Ray Rice

By now we have all heard of the infamous Ray Rice scandal involving his then fiancée – now wife – Janay Palmer, which was one of the many...
By Brittany Brewer | October 13, 2014